Dolphins River Caravan Park - Charmouth Dorset

Owners Website

Dolphins River Park is one of Charmouth's oldest caravan parks having had caravans on the site for around 40 years. It nestles peacefully on the banks of the River Char, in the unspoilt Dorset countryside. Rich with wildlife including Kingfishers, Heron's, Deer and Otters and more...

Because everyone at Dolphins loves the park for what it currently offers and is really a 'community' then understandably everyone takes a significant interest in it and likes to know what is going on plus any tips and suggestions - as well as recommended establishments for meals and places worth visiting. So unsurprisingly after the "owners section" disappeared from the main website there were considerable numbers of owners asking if there was any way it could be re-instated since they miss it!!  And so here is the answer - an independent website just for the caravan owners by caravan owners. Password protected because it is only relevant to owners and not the general public.


















Dolphins River Park - Berne Lane - Charmouth - Dorset DT6 6RE